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Young people in China get a bad rap. Conventional wisdom says the boys are spoilt and fat, the girls flighty gold diggers — and the whole lot of them lazy, selfish and greedy. I have lived in China for seven years, and have met precious few mainland youths who fit those descriptions (except for maybe the plump part).中国的年轻人名声很差。人们普遍认为,男孩太宠溺又肥胖,女孩则是轻浮的拜金女——而且不管男孩女孩都懒惰、自私、贪婪。我在中国生活了7年,但遇到过的符合这种表述的内地年轻人少得可怜(可能除了胖墩那部分)。But don’t take it from me: I’m old enough to be their granny. Jemimah Steinfeld, on the other hand, has studied the Chinese twenty to thirtysomething in its own habitat: the bars, sex shops, online dating sites and matchmaking corners where the country’s complex, controversial and confusing youth culture is being made.但是别轻信我的话:我都老得可以当他们的奶奶了。另一方面,耶米马#8226;斯坦菲尔德(Jemimah Steinfeld)深入第一线,在近距离对中国二、三十岁的年轻人进行了研究,其中包括酒吧、性用品店、交友网站、相亲角,这些地方育着复杂、有争议、令人困惑的中国年轻人文化。Little Emperors and Material Girls: Sex and Youth in Modern China is based on extensive field research on the male and female of the species by Steinfeld, a London-based journalist and “self-confessed sinophile, feminist and history junkie” who has lived and worked in Shanghai and Beijing.《小皇帝和拜金女:现代中国的性和年轻人》(Little Emperors and Material Girls: Sex and Youth in Modern China)基于斯坦菲尔德对中国年轻男女的大量实地调研。斯坦菲尔德是一名驻伦敦的记者,曾在上海和北京生活、工作,是一名“自己承认的中国粉、女权主义者以及历史迷”。This generation will end up running the nation — at which point who they are, how they think and how they were raised will really matter. And Steinfeld, too, thinks they are not as bad as advertised.这一代人最终将统治这个国家——到那时,他们是谁、他们的思维习惯和成长环境将会很重要。而斯坦菲尔德也认为,中国的年轻人并不像传说中那么糟糕。Nor are they easy to stereotype. China has as many people under the age of 30 as the US has people of any age, notes Steinfeld. Not surprisingly, they don’t all fit neatly into categories.也不容易对他们进行分类。斯坦菲尔德指出,中国30岁以下的人口与美国的总人口相当。并不奇怪的是,他们并非都完美符合各个类别的定义。This meticulously researched but highly able book lets the people in question prove that themselves (I’m glad she asked these questions and not me, since sex in China is still a very sensitive issue). She allows a dozen or so young people to speak at length, from “leftover women” and “bare branches” (spinsters and bachelors), through the gamut of mistresses, gays, sexual rebels, Christians and even Communist party members who populate the younger generation. And the one thing she finds she can say about them with certainty is: they are very different from their parents.这本书调查严谨但可读性极高,让调查对象自己倾述(我很高兴她问了这些问题而不用我来问,因为性在中国仍然是个非常敏感的话题)。她让十几个年轻人娓娓道来,其中既有“剩女”和“光棍”(大龄单身女人和单身汉),还有“二奶”、同性恋者、性反叛者、基督徒、甚至共产党员,这些人构成了年轻一代。她发现她能确定的一点是:这些年轻人与父辈截然不同。In fact, she avers, China has one of the world’s biggest generation gaps. “It’s a fundamental difference between them and us,” she writes. “While the West continues to change, it does so at a slower pace. It’s a gentle gradient rather than a steep slope and therefore the schism between old and young is much less pronounced.”事实上,她断言,中国有着世界最大的的代沟之一。“他们与我们有着根本上的区别,”她写道,“虽然西方也在持续改变,但步伐较慢。西方的改变是平缓而不是陡坡式的,因此年长者与年轻人之间的代沟远没那么明显。”Many parents of her subjects grew up during the Cultural Revolution, and suffered famine as toddlers. Their grandparents may even remember when women had bound feet, she points out. But those born in the 1980s and 1990s — the balinghou and jiulinghou — are the first generation to grow up rich. And therein lies their biggest problem, Steinfeld writes: their parents and grandparents want to live through them, counting on their only offspring to make up for the privations of decades.在她的研究对象中,很多人的父母是在文化大革命期间长大的,幼年时曾经历过饥荒。而他们的祖父母也许还记得女人裹小脚的时代。出生在上世纪80和90年代的年轻人——80后和90后——是在富裕条件下长大的第一代人。斯坦菲尔德写道,这就带来了他们最大的问题:父母及祖父母把希望全寄托在他们身上,指望自己唯一的后代弥补数十年的艰辛。Unlike in the west, many of these children are willing at least to make the effort. Steinfeld points out that, while 21st century China is unrecognisable from that of the 20th century, one cultural th remains: children’s powerful duty of filial piety. And duty number one is to marry and bear offspring. Love and sex today are still very much Mum and Dad’s business. Steinfeld even profiles one rake who takes Mummy along on dates in his Porsche.与西方不同,这些孩子中有很多人至少愿意付出努力。斯坦菲尔德指出,尽管21世纪的中国与20世纪已经不可同日而语,但一条文化脉络依然存在:子女孝敬长辈的重大责任。而第一要务就是结婚生子。如今,子女的爱情和性生活在很大程度上仍然是爸妈要操心的事。斯坦菲尔德甚至描述了一个浪子开着保时捷带上老妈去约会的事。But there’s a statistical problem. A preference for boys, exacerbated by the one-child policy, will leave China with an estimated 20m more men under 30 than women by 2020, according to government research.但是,这里存在一个统计学问题。政府研究显示,独生子女政策加剧的重男轻女倾向意味着,到2020年中国30岁以下的男性估计会比女性多出2000万。And, since the existing men like to marry beneath them, that leaves “alpha women and beta men” without partners. Perhaps as a result, extramarital sex is on the increase. Steinfeld says the percentage of urbanites who have premarital sex — a big taboo before China opened up to the west a generation ago, and even since — quadrupled between 1989 and 2010 to 60 per cent. Yet 80 per cent of men still say they want to marry a virgin. Good luck with that.而且,由于男性喜欢与不如自己的女性结婚,这导致“A档女人和B档男人”找不到伴侣。也许是因为这一点,婚外性行为呈上升趋势。斯坦菲尔德称,2010年,有过婚前性行为(在一代人之前,即中国改革开放前,甚至是开放以来,这都是一大禁忌)的城市人口比例达到60%,是1989年的四倍。不过,竟有80%的男性仍然称,他们希望娶一个处女。祝他们好运吧。So spare a thought for China’s poor conflicted young people: caught between village and skyscraper, between one millennium and the next. They are sexual adventurers who still live at home with Mummy. They may be gay but still plan to marry to keep up appearances. And increasingly large numbers have no interest in bearing children but must do so to satisfy Granny. And I thought growing up in the 1960s was difficult.所以,想想中国那些可怜而又矛盾的年轻人吧:他们被夹在乡村和天大楼之间,一个千年和下一个千年之间。他们进行着性的探索,却仍然与老妈住在一起。他们也许是同性恋,却仍计划结婚来顾全面子。越来越多的年轻人对生儿育女不感兴趣,但又必须生个孩子让爸妈满意。我原本还以为在上世纪60年代长大很艰难呢。The writer is the FT’s Shanghai correspondent本文作者为英国《金融时报》驻上海记者Little Emperors and Material Girls: Sex and Youth in Modern China, by Jemimah Steinfeld, I. B. Tauris (RRP#163;14.99, .95)《小皇帝和拜金女:现代中国的性和年轻人》(Little Emperors and Material Girls: Sex and Youth in Modern China),耶米马#8226;斯坦菲尔德(Jemimah Steinfeld)著,I.B.Tauris出版社,建议零售价14.99英镑/19.95美元 /201506/381140

Beautiful women, it seems, really do find life easier.对美丽的女人来说,生活似乎真的更容易一些。Whether it#39;s in the office or in the courtroom, a new study backs up the belief that pretty women can broker deals more easily.据一项新研究实,无论是在办公室里还是在法庭上, 美丽的女人都更能轻松地驾驭一场谈判。This, according to the research, is because beauty overrides the brain#39;s reaction to fairnesss - a fact tied to a subconsciousness rooted in male evolution.根据研究表明,这是由于我们对美的感受会凌驾于我们对公平的反应之上——这种现象与男性在进化过程中产生的无意识心理机能有关。As part of the study, 21 male students at Zhejiang University in China, were asked to look at 300 photos of Chinese women.在实验过程中,研究人员让浙江大学的21名男学生看300张中国女性的照片。A different group of men had judged half of the women as attractive and the half unattractive.在此之前,另一组男士已经对这些女性的颜值做出了评判,他们认为这些女性中有一半面容姣好,另一半长相平庸。The men were then teamed up with some of the women whose faces they had just seen while playing a computer game.接着,研究人员将这些男士与一组女士进行了分组搭对,之前他们曾和这些女士一起玩过电脑游戏,目睹了这些女士的容姿。In the game, they decided whether to split a small amount of money. At the same time, the researchers studied their brain waves and noted their response times.在游戏中,每组男女都能获得一小笔钱,他们要判断他们是否愿意跟对方分得这笔钱。同时,研究人员会观测这些男士的脑电波,记录他们的反射时间。They found men were more likely to accept bad deals from attractive women.研究人员发现,男士们更乐意于接受来自漂亮女性的不平等交易。They were also quicker to respond to fair offers from good-looking women and slower to respond to unfair offers.在面对漂亮女性时,如果分钱的方式是公平的,他们的反应速度也更快。而当分钱的方式不公正时,他们的反应速度则更慢。Meanwhile, brain scans revealed that men were more sensitive to unfair offers when the woman was unattractive, and felt greater reward when the woman was attractive.同时,通过他们的脑电波扫描,研究者发现,当男士们面对长相平庸的女性时,他们对不公平交易的反应更加敏锐。而面对面容姣好的女性时,他们在分钱过程中获得的满足感也更多。University of Stirling psychologist Anthony Little, who was not involved in the study told people,it was not entirely clear why we behave differently toward attractive people.并未参与此项目的英国斯特灵大学的心理学教授安东尼·利特说,对于人们为什么会对面容姣好的对象特别优待,人们还没有彻底弄清楚原因。#39;We appear to have a bias toward being nice to attractive people even when the rewards to ourselves, such as increasing the chance of a date, wouldn#39;t apply,#39; Little said.“我们倾向于对面容姣好的人更加友善,即使这样做收获甚微,比如说,并不会增加我们与这位漂亮女士去约会的可能性。”#39;This suggests our motivations to be nice to attractive people are unlikely to be based on conscious decisions to maximise our own benefits.#39;“这说明,我们对漂亮女士更加友善的行为动机并不是基于意识层面上的逻辑判断,即并不是基于让自身利益最大化的需求。”Previous studies have also found a pretty face can be a source of lifelong advantage - beginning at secondary school.之前已经有研究发现,拥有姣好的面容可能成为一个人能终身受惠的一项优势——这一优势从中学阶段就已经凸显出来。 /201507/385158

In the late 1960s at the height of his career, Dennis Hopper left Hollywood for artistic bohemia in New Mexico. His daughter looks back on a man in search of free expression and a more contemplative way of life.20世纪60年代末,丹尼斯·霍珀(Dennis Hopper)在事业顶峰之际离开好莱坞,到新墨西哥追求波西米亚的文艺生活。他的女儿回忆了这个男人如何追求表达自由与更富于思省的生活方式。My father, Dennis Hopper, believed that being on the road in search of something was very American. You had to keep moving forward no matter what. Ride into town, gunfight at high noon, then off into the sunset. “Easy Rider,” he said, was really a western with motorcycles instead of horses: bad boys, bikers and beads.我的父亲丹尼斯·霍珀相信,上路追寻某些东西是非常美国化的事情。你得一直向前,不管是往什么地方走,驶进小镇,在正午拔决斗,然后消逝在夕阳之下。他说,《逍遥骑士》(Easy Rider)是一部真正的西部片,只是用机车取代了马儿,片中有坏男孩、机车骑手和串珠项链。Traveling by car is the only way to get around if you live in sunny California. In 1969, I got to drive with my dad, his then-girlfriend, a willowy Native-American beauty named Felicia, our friends Bob and Toby Rafelson and their kids, Julie and Peter, to a seemingly faraway place called Taos, N.M. My father had discovered Taos during one of his many scouting trips for “Easy Rider,” which he had shot the year before.如果你住在阳光明媚的加利福尼亚,开车是唯一的旅行方式。1969年,我和父亲一起开车出游,同行的还有他当时的女朋友,一个寡居的美国土著美女,名叫弗莉西亚(Felicia),此外还有我们的朋友鲍勃(Bob)和托比·尔森(Toby Rafelson)及他们的孩子,朱莉(Julie)与彼得(Peter),我们要去新墨西哥一个似乎很遥远的地方,名叫道师城(Taos)。父亲一年前曾多次旅行,为《逍遥骑士》寻觅外景地,就是在那时发现了道师城这个地方。My dad was 32. I was 6.那年父亲32岁,我6岁。We had all piled into the Rafelsons’ maroon Pontiac station wagon with its prominent wood siding first thing that morning. My mother, Brooke Hayward, had purchased the identical car right when the Rafelsons bought theirs. Since she and my father had divorced after he made “Easy Rider,” she was absent when we departed. I was grateful to miss out on a complicated goodbye.那天早晨,我们的第一件事是把所有东西都堆进尔森一家的红褐色帕蒂亚克旅行车,这款车有著名的木质侧板。他们买这辆车的时候,我妈妈布鲁克·海沃德(Brook Hayward)也买了一辆一模一样的。父亲拍完《逍遥骑士》后,他俩就离婚了,我们出发时她没有来。谢天谢地,我躲过了一场复杂的告别。According to my dad, Taos was sacred. It was the land of American Indians and their mountains, their beautiful Pueblo and their blue lake, which was meant to be so spiritual you could land in Tibet if you bore a hole through the bottom of it. He also told me more than once that rattlesnakes refused to go to Taos because of its extraordinarily high altitude. They instinctively knew not to travel past Santa Fe.爸爸说,道师城是个神圣的地方。那里是美国印第安人的领地,坐落着他们的山峦、他们美丽的村庄和他们的蓝色湖泊,这里神圣到——如果从这儿给地球钻一个孔,另一头就是西藏。他还不止一次地告诉我,响尾蛇都不愿到道师城去,因为那里地势非常高,它们本能地知道不要到圣塔菲去旅行。As we drove, my father rattled off the names of adventurers who had populated the Taos landscape over the years — artists, writers and activists like D. H. Lawrence, Dorothy Brett, Mabel Dodge Luhan and Millicent Rogers, who had resided there since the 1920s. They didn’t seem like regular people but figures out of myth, characters who had bucked society to find their own way in their own world, forming a grand community of outsiders, together. Sounded good to me. No snakes — just artists, mountains and Native Americans.While Dennis’s stories floated through the car, Julie and Peter and I bunked in the back of the station wagon, covered in old quilts and Pendleton blankets. It was a time of no seatbelts, no five-point harnesses. Freedom.我们开车途中,父亲一连串地报出那些近年来定居道师城的冒险者们的名字——其中有艺术家、作家和社会活动家,诸如D·H·劳伦斯(D.H. Lawrence)、多萝西·布莱特(Dorothy Brett)、梅布尔·道奇·卢汉(Mabel Dodge Luhan)和米利森特·罗杰斯(Millicent Rogers),他们从20年代就住在这里了。他们不是普通人,而是在那里寻找神秘,是那种抵制社会,在自己的世界中寻找自己道路的人,他们建立了大社区,把那些同社会格格不入的局外人聚集在一起。我觉得听上去挺不错——没有蛇,只有艺术家、群山和土著美国人。丹尼斯讲的故事在车厢里回荡,朱莉和彼得还有我躺在车子后座,身上盖着旧被子和彭得顿毯。那时候还没有安全带,没有儿童安全座椅。真是自由自在。Along the way, we stopped to buy moccasins and visit the Grand Canyon and the Canyon de Chelly and the Petrified Forest, where we were told not to take anything or we would go to jail. Even so, inspired by Dennis’s campfire car tales, I stuffed my pockets with small pieces of petrified wood. I was on a road trip. It was an adventure.一路上,我们停下来买莫卡辛鞋,游览大峡谷、彻里峡谷和石化森林。在石化森林,我们被告知不许带走任何东西,否则就要坐牢。尽管如此,在丹尼斯的篝火汽车故事鼓舞之下,我还是在兜里装满了小片石化木。我可是在做公路旅行呢。这是一场冒险。Back in the car, we looked out the windows over the course of the drive and watched the world change and fade into the colors of a desert moonscape with cactuses and red dirt and mountains in the distance. I had seen this horizon before, most probably on “Bonanza,” on which my father had been a guest star in 1964. When he finished working on the show, he would arrive home with arms filled with rubber cactuses and boulders — with which he extensively decorated the backyard of our house on 1712 North Crescent Heights in the Hollywood Hills. I loved those pieces, marveled at how much they looked like the real thing and delighted in being able to lift a huge boulder high above my head to throw at one of my brothers in a moment of childish frenzy.回到车里,我们沿途观看车窗外的景色,看到世界在改变,渐渐褪变为月球表面般的沙漠色调,到处都生长着仙人掌,地上是红土,远处山峦起伏。我曾经见过这样的景色,或许是在《富矿》(Bonanza)里,1964年,父亲曾在这部电视剧中客座出演。工作结束,他会抱着一大堆橡胶制成的仙人掌和巨石回来,装饰我家后院(我们住在好莱坞山北克雷森特高地1712号)。我喜欢那些东西,它们看上去那样栩栩如生,令我惊叹;徒手举起一块巨石,孩子气地向兄弟们扔过去,又让我开心不已。Once we arrived in Taos, we stayed at the Kachina Lodge. Giant-size kachina dolls stood guard outside the hotel over the miniature versions housed inside. Some were adorned with feathers, others with tiny turquoise and silver jewelry. Julie and I found them all deeply enchanting. At this time, Taos was a wonderfully sleepy Southwestern town nestled at the foot of the beautiful Sacred Mountain. I was in awe of the particularly carved wooden pillars that were placed in front of many houses and buildings, and of the unique hand-painted beams inside them. The smell of burning firewood was ubiquitous, and carefully applied murals made one feel as though each home was a stand-alone one-of-a-kind.到达道师城后,我们呆在克奇纳小屋。这家旅馆外面矗立着巨大的克奇纳神娃娃,守卫着它,屋里也有小的克奇纳娃娃。有些装饰着羽毛,有些装饰着绿松石和银首饰。朱莉和我觉得它们很迷人。道师城一直是个慵懒的西南小镇,坐落在美丽的圣山脚下。镇上许多房子和建筑前面都有雕刻的木头柱子,屋里还有独特的手绘房梁,让我感到敬畏。到处都有烧柴火的味道,精美的壁画让人觉得每一家都独一无二。A year later, in 1970, my father bought Mabel Dodge Luhan’s Taos house, Los Gallos, from her granddaughter, with all of Mabel’s original furnishings inside. He also rented the house Mabel had built for her husband, Tony Luhan, on land next door that belonged to the Taos Pueblo. Los Gallos was a place where (from the 1920s to the 1950s) Mabel had invited artists, dancers and writers like Martha Graham, Ansel Adams, Willa Cather and Marsden Hartley to participate in the artist colony she had created there. Mabel had great flair for mixing up pieces of furniture she had brought to Taos from her time living in Florence, with Navajo rugs and pottery as well as fine Venetian silks and Fortuny fabrics.一年后,也就是1970年,父亲从梅贝尔·道奇·卢汉的孙女手中买下她在道师城的房子,这栋房子名叫洛斯·加洛斯,梅贝尔原来的陈设都保留下来了。他还租了梅贝尔为丈夫托尼·卢汉建造的房子,旁边紧挨着道师城的印第安村落。从20年代到50年代,梅贝尔邀请玛莎·格拉罕姆(Martha Graham)、安塞尔·亚当斯(Ansel Adams)、薇拉·卡瑟(Willa Cather)和马斯登·哈特利(Marsden Hartley)等艺术家、舞蹈家和作家来洛斯加洛斯,加入她创立的艺术家村。梅贝尔有极高的家具混搭天分,她把居住在佛罗伦萨期间买的家具同这里的纳瓦霍地毯和陶器,以及丝绸和弗图尼织物组合在一起。After he bought that house, my father decided to live in Taos and leave L.A. for good, and following in Mabel’s steps, to create a creative counterculture where his friends — artists, actors, musicians — could come and gather in the Mud Palace, as he liked to call it. Los Gallos had more than 10 bedrooms, a guesthouse and a carriage house — plenty of room to have friends come and cross-pollinate their ideas. He wanted to set up an editing room so he could work on “The Last Movie.” He also bought the old Taos movie theater, El Cortez, across from the Ranchos de Taos church, and used it to screen different cuts of the movie as he was finishing it.I returned to the Mabel Dodge Luhan house year after year — or whenever my mother would let me. When I was born, my dad had meandered through L.A. a classic Hollywood preppy, clad in T-shirts and khakis with his sneakers worn through at the toes, often covered in paint from the art he was making, camera slung around his neck. He was always proud to sport a new Brooks Brothers raincoat — even if it wasn’t raining. As the 1960s progressed, he headed for the Southwest and hippiedom, in terms of style. Lacoste shirts gave way to mandalas. He wrapped himself head to toe in denim, man bag invariably in tow. And then, as the ’70s set in, my father’s style began to incorporate touches of a deeply cool American maharaja.买下这栋房子之后,父亲打算离开洛杉矶,永久定居道师城,学习梅贝尔的样子,建立一个创意反文化据点,他的朋友们——艺术家、演员和音乐家——可以在这里相聚,他打算把这个地方叫做“泥巴宫”。洛斯加洛斯有10个以上的卧室,一个客房和一个马车房,足够朋友住下,彼此交流思想。他希望设立一个剪辑室,供他剪辑《最后一部电影》(The Last Movie)。他还买下了了道师城的老影院艾尔·科特斯,它就坐落在道师城兰乔教堂对面,在他制作《最后一部电影》期间,在这家影院放映过好几次这部片子的不同版本。年复一年,我都会来到梅贝尔·道奇·卢汉的房子——只要妈妈让我来我就过来。我出生的时候,爸爸在洛杉矶到处闲逛,是个典型的好莱坞预科生模样,穿T恤衫,卡其布裤子,破旧的帆布鞋磨破了,漏出了脚趾头,他就用自己画的画遮住,相机挂在脖子上。他总是骄傲地穿着一件崭新的布鲁克斯兄弟牌雨衣,就算不下雨的时候也不例外。在60年代期间,他追求西南和嬉皮的风尚。鳄鱼牌衬衫换成了曼陀罗。全身穿的都是牛仔布,男士包也是少不了的。后来到了70年代,父亲的风格开始有了酷酷的美国王公的感觉。Turquoise stones crowned his belt buckles and Stetsons, every surface bejeweled with royal abandon. He wore coats woven from Navajo blankets lined in sheepskin. One day he showed up at our house at 1712 with Michelle Phillips (before marrying her in Taos for eight days) on his way to the Academy Awards. They were dressed in matching velvet ensembles. By that time, my father, who had begun our first trip to New Mexico by telling stories about the wonderful characters in Taos who filled up the town, had become one of them, every bit as colorful as D. H. Lawrence or Millicent Rogers at the height of their power.他的皮带扣和斯泰森毡帽上点缀着绿松石,所有物件上都装点着珠宝,外套上编着纳瓦霍地毯的花纹,里面用带毛的羊皮衬里。一次,出席奥斯卡颁奖礼路上,他带着米歇尔·菲利普斯(Michelle Phillips)出现在我们1712号的家里(后来他们在道师城结婚,婚姻只维持了八天),两人穿着配套的丝绒衣。还记得我们第一次去新墨西哥旅行时,父亲讲了那么多关于住在那里的精人物的故事,如今他也成了其中的一员,和D·H·劳伦斯或米利森·罗杰斯一样丰富多,置身权力顶峰。As the ’70s wore on, the vibe changed. The big bohemian party began to tilt off the rails. The Mud Palace artists’ colony, at one time inspiring and experimental, became unfamiliar. One morning Dennis went down to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and found he didn’t know a single person in his kitchen. He fled and went to live in the Tony Luhan property next door. Once, I saw a pistol on the living room table. When I told my dad I was scared of guns, he told me, “Not to worry. I just used the gun to shoot my Andy Warhol ‘Mao’ painting. I fired a warning shot.”随着70年代的流逝,风潮也在改变。巨大的波西米亚派对开始走偏。泥巴宫的艺术家聚居地曾经富于实验性,为人们带来灵感,此时也开始变得陌生。一天早晨,丹尼斯走进厨房做咖啡,发现厨房里的人他一个也不认识。他走出去,住进隔壁托尼·卢汉的房子。又一次,我看见起居室的桌上放着一把手。我告诉爸爸我害怕,他说:“别担心,我只是用来打安迪·沃霍尔(Andy Waorhol)的《毛》(Mao)画像。我这是鸣警告。”Though in a manner of speaking he had been voted off his own island by a bunch of strangers, he refused to abandon his beloved Taos and kept going, marrying the extraordinarily beautiful dancer and actress Daria Halprin. They had my sister Ruthanna, and my dad opened a gallery called Dennis Hopper Works of Art, which he carefully curated. The openings were fantastic happenings with the likes of Allen Ginsberg and Kris Kristofferson in attendance. One time, he had white T-shirts printed with turquoise squash blossoms around the collar to celebrate a new showing of an artist’s work. Friends I grew up with in Taos still have theirs — and wear them. But then, after my father and Daria divorced a few years later, he retreated into solitude. He withdrew from his family. He withdrew from himself.尽管在某种程度上,他是被一群陌生人放逐出了自己的岛屿,但他没有放弃心爱的道师城。他继续生活在这里,娶了美丽的舞蹈演员兼电影演员达利娅·哈尔普林(Daria Halprin),生下了我卢森娜(Ruthanna)。爸爸还开了一家画廊,名叫“丹尼斯·霍珀艺术馆”,并悉心经营着它。开幕式非常热闹,有艾伦·金斯堡和克里斯·克里斯托弗森(Kris Kristofferson)之类人物光临。有一次,为了庆祝一个艺术家的新展览,他向人们分发领子周围画着松石色南瓜花的白T恤衫。和我在道师城一起长大的朋友们还保留着这些T恤,还在继续穿。但是后来,父亲和达利娅离婚几年后,他保持独身,远离家庭,越来越孤僻。The Mabel Dodge Luhan house was eventually sold, its furniture packed up piecemeal. Despite a brief but fabulously demented cameo in “Apocalypse Now,” Dad remained lost in Taos, until he resurfaced, years later, sober, as the oxygen-huffing madman Frank Booth in “Blue Velvet.”梅贝尔·道奇·卢汉的房子最后终于被卖掉了,家具也拆了。尽管在《现代启示录》(Apocalypse Now)中有过短暂却又精而疯狂的客串出演,父亲一直迷失在道师城,直到多年后他清醒地重新露面,在《蓝丝绒》(Blue Velvet)中饰演吸氧的疯子弗兰克·布思(Frank Booth)。He did eventually return to Taos, transforming the El Cortez theater into his home and art studio. He had the upstairs projection room made into his bedroom. A window in front of his bed looked directly out on his beloved Ranchos Church, the same church that Georgia O’Keeffe famously painted years before. He went there to paint and to see friends, many of whom, like Dean Stockwell, Larry Bell, Kenny Price and Ron Cooper, were artists he knew from the ’60s, who lived and had their studios there.最后他还是回到了道师城,把艾尔·科特斯影院改成了自己的家和艺术工作室。他把楼上的放映室改成卧室。从床前的窗子能看到他深爱的兰乔教堂,几年前,乔治亚·欧姬芙(Georgia O’Keeffe)在这里作画的事情闻名一时。他也到那里画画,看望朋友,其中许多人,比如迪恩·斯托克威尔(Dean Stockwell)、拉里·贝尔、肯尼·普莱斯(Kenny Price)和罗恩·库珀(Ron Cooper)都是他从60年代就认识的,他们现在都住在这里,拥有自己的工作室。Ultimately, he chose to be buried in Taos. After an emotional ceremony near the Ranchos church, his coffin was lowered into the sacred ground as a band of Hell’s Angels lovingly gunned the engines of their motorcycles in a final tribute. And my father rode off into the sunset for good.最终他也选择埋葬在道师城。葬礼在兰乔教堂附近举行,令人伤感,棺椁被葬在教堂墓地,在最后的仪式上,有一群“地狱天使”骑着机车鸣致意。我的父亲就这样永远消逝在夕阳之下。 /201411/342246

  Tremendous progress has been made in treating heart disease, but it is still the biggest killer of Americans, accounting for one in seven deaths. Here are answers to some common questions about the symptoms and treatment of heart attacks and narrowed aortic valves.在治疗心脏疾病方面,人们已经取得了长足的进展,不过它仍然是美国最大的死亡原因,大约每七个死亡病例中,就有一人是死于心脏病。以下是关于心肌梗塞和主动脉瓣狭窄的症状及疗法的一些常见问题和解答。How do you know if you are having a heart attack?如何判断自己会不会患心肌梗塞?Most people feel pain, pressure or squeezing in their chest. What doctors call the Hollywood heart attack — a person suddenly clutches his or her chest and falls to the ground — is unusual. In addition to or instead of chest pain, about a third of people have symptoms that include abdominal pain, heavy sweating, back pain, neck pain, nausea and vomiting. Many people mistakenly dismiss such symptoms, said Dr. Mary Norine Walsh, the vice president of the American College of Cardiology.很多人感到疼痛、压力、胸闷,不过医生们称作“好莱坞心梗”的症状——也就是一个人突然抓住胸口,颓然倒地——并不常见。大约有三分之一的人除了胸口疼之外,还会有腹痛、严重出汗、背痛、颈痛、恶心、呕吐等症状,或者只有上述症状而并无胸口疼。许多人会错误地忽视这些症状,美国心脏病学会(American College of Cardiolog)副会长玛丽·诺林·沃尔什(Mary Norine Walsh)说。How can you decide if symptoms other than chest pain are actually from a heart attack?该如何断定胸口疼之外的这些症状,实际上来源于心梗呢?If your symptoms come on suddenly, or if they worsen over a period of hours or days, you should assume they are caused by a heart attack and go to an emergency room.如果症状突如其来,或者在几小时或几天的时间里加剧,就应该认为它们是由心梗诱发的,应当去急诊室求医。Do women have different symptoms than men?女性的症状会与男性不同吗?Probably not, but women are more likely to delay seeking help and doctors are more likely to dismiss their symptoms. That is especially true if the woman is younger, Dr. Walsh said. Women tend to on average have heart attacks about 10 years later than men, so doctors may dismiss worrisome symptoms in middle-aged women.可能不会,不过女性推迟求助,以及医生对她们的症状不予理会的可能性都更高。沃尔什表示,如果女性更年轻一些尤其如此。女性患心梗的时间往往比男性平均晚大约10年,因此医生可能会对中年女性的一些令人担忧的症状不予考虑。What should you do if you are having heart attack symptoms?如果有心梗症状应该怎么办?Call 911 for an ambulance to take you to the emergency room immediately. Do not try to drive yourself or have a friend or family member drive you. Paramedics can take an electrocardiogram on the way to the hospital that shows if you are having a heart attack and transmit it to the hospital. So as soon as you arrive, the medical staff is prepared and waiting. The paramedics can also administer oxygen and medications to ease your pain before you reach the hospital. And an ambulance is less likely to get stuck in traffic.打急救电话,请对方立即派救护车接你去急诊室。不要试图自己开车,或是让朋友或家人开车送你去。急救护理人员可以在去医院的路上给你拍心电图,并将其传给医院。心电图能显示你是不是心梗发作了。因此,你一到医院,医务人员就已经准备就绪,在等候了。急救护理人员还能在你到达医院之前,给你输氧并提供缓解疼痛的药物。同时,救护车堵车的可能性也更小。How can you find out if your local hospital is able to treat heart attacks quickly?怎么能知道当地的医院是否有能力快速治疗心肌梗塞?Time is of the essence when you are having a heart attack, and while most hospitals today are much quicker than they were a decade ago, some are faster than others. Often, paramedics know which hospital is best and will take you there. You don’t want to waste time fighting with paramedics when you are having a heart attack. “I have had patients drive three hours to come to my hospital when they were in the middle of a heart attack because they thought they needed to come to a big medical center,” Dr. Walsh sayid. “If paramedics say, ‘We’ll get you to this hospital,’ go,” she added.心梗发作时,时间至关重要。尽管现在大部分医院的行动都比十年前更迅速了,但其中一些还是比其他的更胜一筹。通常,急救护理人员知道哪家医院最好,并会把你送到那里去。心梗发作时,你是不希望把时间浪费在和急救护理人员斗争上的。“我有病人心梗发作了还自己驱车三小时来我所在的医院,因为他们认为自己需要来大型医疗中心,”沃尔仕说。“如果急救护理人员说,‘我们会送你去这家医院,’那就去吧,”她接着说。There is no national registry you can consult to find out how long it takes the hospitals in your area to open a blocked coronary artery with a balloon after your arrival at the emergency room. These statistics — known as door to balloon time — are generally measured by the hospital’s median time, which is the point at which half are opened faster, and half slower. If you want to know your hospital’s median door to balloon time, you will have to call each one and ask for it. If they do not provide it, you can ask if they take certain steps that speed treatment. Do paramedics transmit a patient’s electrocardiogram from the ambulance en route to the emergency room? Does the emergency room doctor the EKG and send out a single call to summon the cardiology team? Are the team members on call required to be within 30 minutes of the hospital?目前没有全国性的登记资料供你查询,以了解在到达急诊室后,你所在地区的医院要用多久才能替你打通被阻塞的冠状动脉。这些统计数据,即从入院到血管打通的时间,一般是用医院的中位数时间来衡量的。以这个时间为标准,一半比它快,一半比它慢。如果想知道你要去的医院的中位数时间,你得挨个打电话问。如果医院拒绝提供,你可以问问它们会不会采取某些加速治疗的措施。在去急诊室的路上,急救护理人员会从救护车上传输患者的心电图吗?急诊室的医生会读取心电图并用一个电话就叫来心脏病医疗团队吗?待命的团队成员会被要求在30分钟之内赶到医院吗?What are the symptoms of a severely narrowed aortic valve?主动脉瓣严重狭窄有什么症状?Cardiologists say there are three classic symptoms of this disease of aging: shortness of breath, a feeling of heaviness and pain in the chest, and fainting. Such symptoms are often mistakenly attributed the normal process of slowing down that comes with old age. Six months ago, an 85-year-old woman might have been driving a car and doing her own grocery shopping, said Dr. Michael Mack of Baylor Health Care System. Now she is doing none of those things. Her children notice but say: “Well, she’s 85. What do you expect?” If a doctor is consulted, he or she may chalk it up to anemia or a thyroid problem. Many older adults with severe aortic valve disease are never diagnosed, said Dr. Howard Herrmann of the University of Pennsylvania.心脏病医生表示,这种老年病有三种典型症状:呼吸急促、感到胸闷胸口疼、昏厥。这种症状往往会被错误地归咎于伴随衰老而来的正常的行动迟缓。六个月前,一个85岁的老太太可能还自己开车去采购食品杂货,拜勒医疗保健系统(Baylor Health Care System)的迈克尔·麦克(Michael Mack)说。现在,这些事情她一样都做不了。她的孩子注意到了,但会说:“毕竟她都85了,还能指望什么?”如果咨询医生,可能会把这归结于贫血或甲状腺问题。宾夕法尼亚大学(University of Pennsylvania)的霍华德·赫尔曼(Howard Herrmann)说,很多患有严重的主动脉瓣疾病的老年人从未被诊断出来。How can a doctor know if symptoms are caused by a narrowed aortic valve?医生怎么知道症状是不是主动脉瓣狭窄造成的?The doctor can hear a heart murmur in the patient’s chest. An echocardiogram can reveal the narrowed artery and the extent of the damage.医生能听到患者的心脏杂音。超声心动图能显示动脉变窄,以及受损的程度。Should everyone with a severely narrowed artery have it replaced?所有主动脉瓣严重狭窄的人都应该更换主动脉瓣吗?Now that there is a procedure, transcatheter aortic valve replacement, or TAVR, that allows doctors to replace valves without doing open-heart surgery, high risk patients who would have been considered at too great a risk of dying from open-heart surgery have a chance to have a valve replacement. But, Dr. Herrmann cautioned, some patients are still too frail to benefit or have another disease like cancer or dementia that limits life expectancy.有一种手术叫经导管主动脉瓣置换术(transcatheter aortic valve replacement,简称TAVR),能让医生不做开胸手术就置换掉瓣膜。这样,被认为可能死于开胸手术的高危患者,就有换瓣膜的机会了。但赫尔曼告诫,一些患者还是会因为太过虚弱,而无法从这种手术中获益,也可能同时患有癌症或失智等其他缩短预期寿命的疾病。 /201506/383084

  3.Flooding Therapy3.满灌疗法Phobias, extreme and irrational fears, can cause much anxiety and pain. But never fear; anxiety caused by spiders, dogs, and even elevators can all be alleviated through flooding, an intense form of exposure therapy that requires patients to face their fears.恐惧、惊骇会引发焦虑和痛苦。但不用担心,满灌疗法(患者直面他们所恐惧的情景),能帮患者摆脱害怕蜘蛛、,甚至害怕电梯的心理焦虑。Irrational fears are cured by exposing the patient to the fear-inducing object over a long period of time. For example, a person looking to get rid of his fear of dogs may start by just looking at photos of dogs under the supervision of a trained professional. Therapy continues with an ;exposure; to dogs in person and eventually working up the courage to pet actual puppies. The slow pace of learning to manage fear has proven to have high success rates in gently treating anxiety, phobias, and post-traumatic stress disorder.让患者长时间接触他所恐惧的事物,能治愈他对此事物产生的莫名恐惧。譬如,要让患者摆脱;恐症;,专业人士一开始会引导他们尝试着去看的照片。接下来治疗师会让患者和;直接接触;,最终激发他抚摸宠物的勇气。试着战胜恐惧的缓慢过程,对焦虑、恐惧和创伤后应激障碍等症状疗效显著。Flooding therapy works just like exposure therapy, except there is nothing slow about it. Patients will be asked to face full-on fear in the first visit. There is no gradual introduction to the feared object, and flooding can be quite intense. Dog-phobic individuals will be asked to play with puppies right away and elevator-hating people will spend their first flooding session riding the lift without breaks. Flooding therapy evokes a strong anxiety response that in theory, will exhaust the patient into letting go of the irrational fear.满灌疗法和暴露疗法一样直截了当:患者第一次求医,医生就会让他们直面所有令其恐惧的场景。满灌疗法带来的刺激十分强烈,因为这种疗法不是循序渐进的,不会让患者慢慢接触他所恐惧的事物——理疗师会安排害怕的患者直接和小玩耍,让害怕乘坐电梯的患者直接去乘坐电梯。满灌疗法的原理,是激发患者内心强烈的焦虑感,进而消除恐惧感。However, critics say that intense exposures may not be therapeutic but instead traumatic to people aly struggling with extreme fear. In some cases, flooding actually makes the phobia worse. There is no way to know if a patient will respond well to flooding therapy, so the general consensus is that slow and steady wins the race.然而,有批评者指出,这样的暴露疗法不但不会起到治疗效果,反而会适得其反,让已经备受恐惧折磨的患者更加痛苦。的确,有患者接受满灌疗法后,恐惧感有增无减。患者是否会对满灌疗法产生不良反应,无法预测;所以,使用满灌疗法时不急于求成,效果可能更好。2.Puppet Therapy2.玩偶疗法Dragons, pigs, and puppies can help you learn to deal with an overbearing boss, an annoying neighbor, or a troublesome child. Puppets play an important role in therapy by helping patients express emotions and practice difficult conversations in the safe company of a stuffed animal. As they practice being assertive with a toothy tiger puppet, patients might feel freer to stand up for themselves outside of therapy. Puppets make it easier for patients, especially children, to practice expressing difficult emotions, discuss abuse, or practice social skills in a playful way.龙、猪、小等一些玩偶可以帮助你学会怎样应对一个难以忍受的老板、一个令人厌烦的邻居,或是一个难以管教的孩子。玩偶在治疗中很重要,不仅能够帮助病人表达感情,而且在填充玩具的陪伴下,病人可以安全地练习有难度的对话。如果病人能在张牙舞爪的老虎玩偶面前保持勇敢自信,那么他们可能会在治疗之外更自然地相信自己。玩偶使得病人,尤其是孩子们,在练习表达复杂的感情、讨论被虐待的情况或者实践社交技能时更加容易,方式更加有趣。Puppets create a safe distance between the therapist and patient, so it feels more comfortable speaking through the puppet. Trained therapists can creatively mirror the child’s problems, which makes introducing difficult topics easier. For example, a girl struggling with moving to a new town is told that the puppet has just moved, too.玩偶在治疗师和病人之间创造了一段安全的距离,所以通过玩偶来说话会让人感到更舒。训练有素的治疗师能够创造性地反映出孩子的问题,这也使得进入有难度的话题变得容易。比如,一个纠结于搬到新城市的女孩得知玩偶也已经搬过去了。The therapist interviews the puppet, rather than the patient, which gives the patient license to say whatever they feel. Puppets, and other forms of play therapy, have proven to be excellent ways to teach autistic children social skills or to practice imaginative thought.治疗师会询问玩偶而不是病人,这给了病人说出所有他们的感受的许可。玩偶,以及其他治疗形式,已经被明是自闭症儿童学习社交技巧或是锻炼想象力的绝佳方法。1.Horticulture Therapy1.园艺疗法Imagine the patience and knowledge it takes to grow a tiny seed into a strong tree. In horticulture therapy, therapists combine their love for nature with their expertise in mental health to teach those skills. Much like equine therapy uses the horse to teach skills, horticulture therapists use plants to convey different lessons and skills. Working in prisons, hospitals, and nursing homes, therapists initiate conversation while gardening or crafting pinecone bird feeders.试想让一颗种子长大成一棵大树需要花费的耐心和知识。在园艺疗法中,治疗师们结合他们对自然的爱和精神健康方面的专业知识去教授这些技能。很像马匹疗法中用马匹教会患者一些生活技能,园艺疗法用植物去传授不同经验和技能。在监狱、医院和疗养院的治疗师们,会借用进行园艺工作或者制造松果喂鸟机的机会展开对话。As groups work together to plant flowers or grow gardens, therapists lead conversations on confidence and teamwork. Horticulture therapy is especially useful for people with disabilities. Activities can be designed for people in wheelchairs or with other special needs. Anyone can delight in the happiness of watching a flower grow. It can be a great source of pride to watch a planted seed grow and be instrumental in its care. By connecting with nature, patients find calmness to bring into their own lives.当每个组一起种花或打理果园时,治疗师们会引导患者谈论信心和合作的话题。园艺疗法对身患残疾的人特别有帮助。可以为坐在轮椅上的或有其他特殊需求的人设计活动。任何人在看到花儿成长时都会感到幸福和喜悦。看到种下的种子不断成长,并且自己的呵护有了作用,这会带来一种极大的自豪感。通过与自然相联系,病人们将平静带进了自己的生活中。审校:Amy.L 编辑:Freya然 校对:落花生 /201507/385683。

  ;On the other hand,you need to know when to let go of a bad idea!;(墙上的标语)坚韧不拔!不屈不挠!刚韧果敢!---另一方面,你需要知道在恰当的时候放弃坏的想法。 /201506/379823

  Keeping a busy social life amongst lots of friends may keep people slimmer than spending several hours on a tmill, according to scientists。科学家研究发现,与在跑步机上锻炼几个小时相比,忙于参加朋友们的社交活动可能更有利于保持苗条身材。Scientists believe social activities can release a brain chemical that converts white fat into brown fat. Brown fat burns calories to generate heat, while white fat stores calories and makes us fatter。科学家认为,社交活动能使大脑释放一种化学物质,将白色脂肪转化为棕色脂肪,后者可以燃烧卡路里,产生热量,而白色脂肪却储存卡路里,使人长胖。Converting white fat into brown fat is very difficult, normally requiring long-term exposure to cold conditions or activating part of the body#39;s nervous system. However, scientists from Ohio State University think that having a busy social life is an even more effective way of carrying out this conversion。白色脂肪转化为棕色脂肪出奇地难,通常需要长期暴露在寒冷的环境中,或者激活人体部分神经系统。但俄亥俄州立大学的科学家认为,繁忙的社交生活能更有效地进行这一转换。Tests on mice showed that those lived in large communities and had more space and toys lost half of their abdominal weight in four weeks, even if they ate more than those in boring, lonely environments. Researchers said that social stimulation aids weight loss。在老鼠身上进行的试验发现,尽管比生活在单调、孤独环境中的老鼠的食量大,但那些生活在大环境中、拥有更多空间和玩具的老鼠,四周后腹部脂肪竟然减少一半。研究者认为,社交的兴奋感有助于减肥。However, social activities make some people worried. Study author Dr Matthew During of Ohio State University said, ;I#39;m still amazed at the degree of fat loss that occurs... We often think of stress as a negative thing, but some kinds of stress can be good for your health.;然而,社交活动让一些人感到焦虑。研究报告的作者、来自俄亥俄州立大学的马修·迪兰士说:“能减掉这么多体重,我还是很吃惊的……我们通常认为压力有负面影响,但一些压力对健康是有好处的。”Explaining how new technology had threatened face-to-face socializing, he added, ;It#39;s not just a sedentary lifestyle and high calorie foods, but an increasing lack of social engagement.;在解释新科技如何威胁到面对面的社交活动时,迪兰士补充说:“这不仅会导致人们更喜欢坐着不动,吃更多高卡路里食品,而且还会使人们越来越疏于社交。”Co-author Dr Cao Lei said, ;Loneliness is a profound factor for cancer and death; it#39;s on par with cigarette smoking. Social engagement is very important.;合著者曹磊士说:“孤独是导致癌症和死亡的深层因素,相当于吸烟。参加社交活动非常重要。” /201507/385603

  Peekaboo is a game played over the world, crossing language and cultural barriers. Why is it so universal? Perhaps because it’s such a powerful learning tool。全世界的婴儿都在玩躲猫猫,这种游戏已经跨越了语言和文化的边界。为什么这种游戏如此风靡全球?或许是因为它是一种强大的学习工具。Babies don#39;t books, and they don#39;t know that many people, so thesurprising durability and cultural universality of peekaboo is perhaps a clue that it taps into something fundamental in their minds. No mere habit or fashion, the game can help show us the foundations on which adult human thought is built。婴儿不阅读书籍,认识的人也不多,既然我们已经知道躲猫猫这种游戏的生命力持久性和文化普遍性,或许我们可以以它为线索,探索婴儿认知过程的基本要素。这是一种超越了人类习性和潮流的游戏,它能够告诉我们,成人认知过程的构建基础。Surprise element惊喜的元素Peekaboo uses the fundamental structure of all good jokes - surprise, balanced with expectation. Researchers showed this in tests involving a group of six-, seven- and eight-month-olds which sound like more fun than a psychology experiment should be. Most of the time the peekaboo game proceeded normally, however on occasion the adult hid and reappeared as a different adult, or hid and reappeared in a different location. Videos of the infants were rated by independent observers for how much the babies smiled and laughed。在躲猫猫这个游戏中蕴含着所有优质笑话的基本结构——惊喜,与之协调的期待。科学家们对一组包括6周、7周、8周大的婴儿进行了研究,孩子们的笑声使这场心理实验显得格外有趣,通过实验,科学家们应征了上述结论。大多数情况下,躲猫猫的游戏都进展的很顺利,即使一个大人躲起来后,出现的是另一个大人,或者大人躲起来后,出现在另一个地方。科学家们请一些与研究无关的成人来观察婴儿反应的录像,对每次婴儿微笑或大笑的程度出不同等级。On these “trick trials” the babies smiled and laughed less, even though the outcome was more surprising. What#39;s more, the difference between their enjoyment of normal peekaboo and trick-peekaboo increased with age (with the eight-month-olds enjoying the trick trials least). The researchers#39; interpretation for this is that the game relies on being able to predict the outcome. As the babies get older their prediction gets stronger, so the discrepancy with what actually happens gets larger - they find it less and less funny。在“非常规”的躲猫猫游戏中,虽然游戏最后出现的结果更令人吃惊,婴儿微笑或大笑的程度却相对较浅。不仅如此,随着长大,婴儿对常规的躲猫猫游戏的满意程度和对非常规的躲猫猫游戏之间的满意程度二者之间的差异会越来越明显(8个月大的婴儿对非常规的躲猫猫的满意程度最低)。研究者们解释说,这是因为,这个游戏之所以好玩,正是因为婴儿可以预期游戏的结果。随着婴儿长大,他们对结果的预期也越来越强,因而他们的预期和实际结果之间的不协调性也就越来越明显——他们对游戏也就越来越不满意。The secret to the enduring popularity of peekaboo is that it isn#39;t actually a single game. As the baby gets older their carer lets the game adapt to the babies#39; new abilities, allowing both adult and infant to enjoy a similar game but done in different ways. The earliest version of peekaboo is simple looming, where the carer announces they are coming with their voice before bringing their face into close focus for the baby. As the baby gets older they can enjoy the adult hiding and reappearing, but after a year or so they can graduate to take control by hiding and reappearing themselves。躲猫猫这个游戏经久不衰,全球风靡的秘密在于,它不仅仅只是一个游戏。随着婴儿长大,他们的监护人会根据婴儿的新本领调节游戏规则,从而使大人和婴儿都能在新的、大致相似而略有不同的游戏中获得乐趣。躲猫猫最开始只是一种隐而再现,监护人告诉婴儿他们要出来了,然后让婴儿能够近距离的看到自己的脸。随着婴儿长大一些,他们看到大人躲起来然后又出现就会很开心。但是一年之后,他们逐渐的可以掌控游戏了,他们就会自己躲起来,然后再出现。In this way peekaboo can keep giving, allowing a perfect balance of what a developing baby knows about the world, what they are able to control and what they are still surprised by. Thankfully we adults enjoy their laughter so much that the repetition does nothing to stop us enjoying endless rounds of the game ourselves。通过这种方式,躲猫猫的游戏规则能够与不断成长的婴儿眼中的世界达成并保持非常好的一致性,与他们掌控世界的能力,他们的兴奋点保持一致。谢天谢地,我们这些成年人是如此喜爱这些婴儿的笑声,以至于这种游戏的重复性一点也不妨碍我们一次次饶有兴致的聊以自娱。 /201503/362200


  You know that pleading “middle-age sp” isno longera viable option when you can “pinch a foot”.当你能夹住一只脚的时候,就能检测你是不是中年体型了。 /201505/373710。

  Bizarrely bulky animals are taking nature-loving tourists by storm。诡异的是,强壮的动物们让爱好大自然的游客们大吃一惊。First a beefy kangaroo stunned Australia, and now an equally muscly giraffe has been spotted in South Africa。先是一只强壮的袋鼠震惊了澳大利亚,而现在一直同样肌肉发达的长颈鹿在南非被发现。The brawny giraffe could have come straight out of Fight Club, as he shows off his muscular neck in a profile shot at sundown at the Pongola Game Reserve。这只雄壮的长颈鹿都能直接算是搏击俱乐部的一员了。于蓬戈拉野生动物保护区日落时分拍的一张它的照片展示了它肌肉发达的脖子。Giraffes use their necks to fight, so after going head-to-head - or neck-to-neck - they can end up looking extremely muscular。长颈鹿用它们的脖子打架,因此在头碰头或脖子撞脖子后,它们最终看上去非常强壮。 /201507/384746


  McDonald#39;s on Tuesday released another focused on improving public perceptions of their fast food products--this time with a focus on the Chicken McNugget.麦当劳公司为了提高公众对其快餐食品的认可度,再次发布视频向人们介绍了麦乐鸡的制作过程。The is a step-by-step look at the making of the deep-fried morsels that seems specifically designed to fix misconceptions that McDonald#39;s uses so-called #39;pink slime#39; meat in its nuggets.视频针对之前被曝出的麦当劳使用“粉红肉渣”制作麦乐鸡的传闻,一步一步地展示了麦乐鸡的制作全过程。Along with a similar about the McRib, the campaign is pushing to change its reputation as unhealthy snack food in a country where people increasingly want options that feel more wholesome.加上之前曾发布的烤汁猪排堡的制作过程的视频,麦当劳希望通过这些举动来改善声誉,更正在大家心中的“不健康快餐”的印象。Nearly as soon as the McNuggets begins inside a Tyson chicken factory, the #39;s host whips out an iPad that shows the picture of pink goo oozing out of a tube that nauseated ers across the internet starting in 2012.麦乐鸡制作过程的视频拍摄于泰森鸡肉厂。一开始主持人就拿出iPad向大家展示2012年以来网上热传的令人作呕的粉色粘稠物的图片。#39;I don#39;t know where that picture came from, but that#39;s not used in Chicken McNuggets,#39; says the Tyson staffer charged with giving the tour.“我不知道这些图片是哪里来的,但麦乐鸡并不是用这些东西做的。”负责带领参观加工过程的泰森工厂的工作人员称。Instead of the chemically separated garbage, the cameras show teams of Tyson employees studiously hacking away at whole chickens on the factory line.从视频中可以看到,在对需要使用的鸡肉进行去骨分离的时候,并没有使用化学方法,而泰森的工作人员通过分工分组进行。What they#39;re left with in the next step are the breast, rib meat, dark meat and skin.分离之后只剩下鸡胸脯、肋条肉、黑肉及鸡皮等。Only the white meat goes into Chicken McNuggets, says the tourguide.而分离出的白肉用来制作麦乐鸡。这位工厂向导称。#39;This is the only part of the chicken that goes into the Chicken McNuggets,#39; asks the McDonald#39;s host. #39;Nothing else? No beaks, no feet?“只有这部分鸡肉是用来制作麦乐鸡的。”主持人问:“没有其他部分么?嘴部、脚部的肉都没有么?”The tour guide gives an emphatic #39;No#39; and it#39;s on to the grinder.工厂向导强调说“没有”,紧接着就来到了研磨机旁。There, both the host and tour guide are sure to point out that the ground product does not look slimey at all.在这里,主持人和工厂向导都明确指出研磨过的鸡肉一点也不粘稠。#39;We grind it to give you that really meaty texture that you expect in Chicken McNuggets,#39; says the tour guide.“我们对鸡肉进行研磨目的是是让大家体验到麦乐鸡的肉味儿。”Before the nuggets are formed into their iconic shapes, they get mixed with ingredients like flavor enhancers, moisture enhancers and preservatives.在麦乐鸡被做成其标志性形状之前,还要在鸡肉里加入一些香味增强剂、湿度增强剂以及防腐剂等。A triple-step bing and battering process, that last of which imbues the nuggets with their decided golden hue and peppery/celery notes, comes next.第三步拌粉、挤压为麦乐鸡加上金黄的颜色以及胡椒的辣味。Then flash fry, freeze and voila!接着就是油炸、冷却,“登登登…”香喷喷的麦乐鸡就ok了。Then company responded to outrage that emerged from a photo that showed the McRibs meat prior to being cooked in a similar way.之前麦当劳对有关烤汁猪排堡的传闻也以类似的加工过程视频的方式作出了回应。The world#39;s largest hamburger chain said Monday the drop in global sales at locations open at least 13 months included a 4.6 percent decline in the U.S. and a 4 percent decline for the unit that includes the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and Africa.作为世界上最大的汉堡包连锁店,麦当劳公司周一称,其开业至少13个月的各地区连锁店的总销售额不断下降,包括美国地区下降的4.6%以及亚太、中东以及非洲等地区下降的4%。In its flagship U.S. market, McDonald#39;s Corp. is facing with a number of challenges, including increased competition and changing eating habits. Industry analysts say the attraction of places like Chipotle is in part that people can better customize their orders.麦当劳在美国的旗舰店也正在面临着诸多挑战,包括越来越激烈的市场竞争以及人们逐渐改变的饮食习惯。行业分析师称诸如墨西哥风味快餐这种类型的店能更好地满足人们的需求。As McDonald#39;s continues to struggle in the U.S., CEO Don Thompson has conceded the company hasn#39;t done enough to keep up with shifting habits. In October, he said changes are in store for its U.S. restaurants, including the simplification of its .麦当劳目前在美国的发展举步维艰,其CEO汤普森也承认公司在迎合顾客逐渐改变的饮食习惯方面做得还不够。今年十月,汤普森曾表示美国的麦当劳正在准备做一些如简化菜单之类的改变。 /201412/348347

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